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Talking About the Future of the Web

Talking About the Future of the Web

19 Nov 2013

Recently I have been at a few places speaking about the future of the web. More specifically speaking about the future of WebRTC and Real-Time applications.I enjoy teaching people the benefits of using both peer to peer and server client real-time applications. The immersive experience you can provide by building on top of these technologies engages users on a whole new level. Just let my talks speak for themselves!

SFHTML5 WebRTC Data Channels

I spoke about how to utilize the WebRTC Data Channel today for the SFHTML5 Meetup group in San Francisco. The Yelp offices that I spoke at were great. I also spoke with Ben Strong from vLine and Chris Wilson from Google who gave great talks on Audio and Video WebRTC. If you like my talk, you can find Ben’s talk here and Chris’s talk here.

WebRTC Summit Data Channels

I gave a much similar talk at the WebRTC Summit in Santa Clara. This one covers the data channels as well with a few improvements and changes made to the previous presentation. Please ignore the technical difficulties, the location did not provide the correct cables! (A hard lesson I am learning)

Panel on the Future of the Web

This is a panel that I was on talking about the future of the web at API Strategies and Practice Conference. We had an interesting discussion about the Internet of Things, peer to peer devices, and the future of API’s. There is quite a bit of forward looking information from some people also pushing the web forward!

If you enjoyed those you can look forward to another talk on WebRTC at the WebRTC Conference in Santa Clara! The WebRTC Data Channel is going to change the way we look at the real-time web. It will change the way not just our users interact but also how browsers and devices interact with each other for years to come!

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