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About Me

Dan Ristic

I am a front end engineer and developer evangelist for the web. My goals as an evangelist are to push the web forward with my work and help it become better every day. I currently work as a software engineer at Sony Network Entertainment International, working on the PlayStation Store.

I am currently located in the San Francisco Bay Area where you can find me hiking, working, exploring, attending events, and playing games.

My career as a developer definitely started off at a young age. I started developing in web technologies from middle school and have been on the web ever since. From there I attended the University of Advancing Technology graduating with a degree in Technology Management. Since then I have been working on writing, designing, developing, and prototyping for web technologies to my heart's desire.

If you are looking for a more in depth history of my work head on over to my .

Contact Me

The quickest way to reach me is Twitter so check me out @dristic101.
You can also reach me through my work e-mail at danr (at)

For those interested: I am currently not looking for work, I am currently looking for speaking arrangements, I would love to publish my own book on JavaScript.